Requirements of a Modern-day Conservative

I was sitting here pondering some of the things it would actually require of me to be a modern-day Conservative, so I decided to jot down a few of  them. There will definitely be more of these to come.

Requirements of a Modern-day Conservative

Historical Beliefs

  • First and foremost, I have to believe Ronald Wilson Reagan was the greatest President of all time despite his racially divisive nature, involvement in Iran-Contra and his in-office approval ratings being below those of President Bill Clinton’s.
  • I must claim to be impartial on issues of race despite the fact that Conservatives have opposed virtually every form of civil and voting rights for minorities in this nation’s history.
  • I must agree with but never acknowledge the existence of a “Southern Strategy” which is a plan rooted in pursuing whites that became disgruntled after the passage of the Voter’s and Civil Rights Acts of the 1960s.
  • I must never take a historical look at the Democratic and Republican Parties and recognize the shift of racist Southern Democrats, like the Dixiecrats, to the Republican Party that transpired during the 1960s and beyond.
  • I must profess to be Pro-life(excellent position) but oppose any act which would help a living soul in need once they are born.
  • I must proclaim Christian values(excellent position) but oppose programs that aim to help those Christians are mandated to help like the poor, elderly, incarcerated, disabled, etc. I must also downplay moral failings of other Conservatives while highlighting the failures of Democrats and Liberals.
  • Despite having elected only 1 African American Senator in 1967, Edward Brooke of Massachusetts and 3 African American Representatives, Oscar De Priest of Illinois in 1929, Gary Franks of Connecticut in 1991 and J.C. Watts of Oklahoma in 1995 compared to 2 African American Senators, Carol Moseley Braun in 1993, Barack Obama, 2005 of Illinois , nearly 90 African American Representatives and most recently the first African American President of the United States, I must claim that the Democratic Party attempts to hold minorities back. 4 nationally elected African Americans for the GOP and over 90 nationally elected African Americans and a President for the Democratic Party is pretty clear, isn’t it?

Modern Beliefs

  • I must convince myself that George W. Bush was articulate and conveyed his messages well while President Obama is really an idiot that can not speak without a teleprompter.
  • Despite ever claim being disproven, including weapons of mass destruction, I must remain convinced that Bush/Cheney were truthful about the reasons the United States invaded Iraq.
  • When it comes to matters of patriotism, I must rely on the judgement of individuals that literally got multiple deferments to avoid military service over Democratic veterans who actually served. Individuals such as Rush Limbaugh, and “super chicken-hawk” Dick Cheney who are big war advocates, but whom both sat it out when they had an opportunity to fight.
  • Despite the fact that the deadliest terrorist attacks occurred under Republican administrations, Marine barracks in Beirut under Reagan(299 Servicemen killed) and 9/11 under George W. Bush(2,974 deaths), I must buy into the notion that we are more safe during Conservative administrations.
  • To the best of my ability, I must convince myself that the United States’ history of racial problems and issues with minorities is pale in comparison to the threat of discrimination from minorities toward whites.
  • I must ignore the constant drumbeat from conservative talk radio host like Rush Limbaugh that fan racial animosity between whites and minorities. On top of that, I must pretend the mountain of recorded racist statements by said conservative talk radio host do not exist, are always taken out of context or are just jokes.
  • I must believe that former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin has a shot at being the next President of the United States. In order to get that far, I must never associate any answers she gives with the particular question that she was asked. Whatever she wants to say is always more important than the question that she was question she was asked anyway.
  • I must take my ques from radio talk show host who never venture beyond the confines of a supportive audience.  I must also expect my elected officials to be afraid to speak against positions held by the major talk-show hosts. In the event that they mistakenly speak out against them, I must require them to issue an apology within 24 hours.
  • I must believe that Obama is not a United States citizen despite him being born in Hawaii  which was announced in the local paper and for which a birth certificate is on file and whose mother was an American citizen.
  • I have to totally convince myself that Sean Hannity is telling the truth about things he talks about even when he leaves out all of the details that do not support his position.
  • It is absolutely imperative that I refer to President Obama as the “Messiah”  because Rush Limbaugh who claims to have the powers of a messiah,” All-Knowing, All-Sensing, All-Everything Maha Rushie” told me to.
  • Lastly, whatever is done or not done, I must take the opposite position to President Obama and the Congressional Democrats. Even when things are done that I previously agreed with, I must put up opposition at every turn.

The previous list consist of only a few requirements that an individual must submit to if he/she wants to be a good conservative. What are your thoughts? I guess I could never be a good conservative if these things remain as requirements or are expected of me.


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56 Responses to “Requirements of a Modern-day Conservative”

  1. notyourordinarygal Says:

    Very interesting and humorous in some aspects!

  2. Lorna Nicole Says:

    Whew! Such a dose of reality in the rarest form : Truth. Well said, Mr. Edney.

  3. Lorna Nicole Says:

    Your perspective is very insightful also.

  4. Harris Says:

    The sarcastic undertones of your blog is brilliant!! Your outlined requirements for being a modern day conservative is truly showing that the right wing has resorted to modern day bullying to push their supposedly, conservative agenda!!

  5. Chazeman Says:

    Great way to harmonize the facts and perceptions of our past and current political system. “RIGHT ON”, Alvin… I mean WRITE ON!

  6. Bobb Dobbs Says:

    You’ve discovered everything about the other team’s foibles without realizing your own team suffers from the same human failings.

    That’s the difference between partisan hackery and wisdom.

    • goldenae Says:


      Partisan hackery and wisdom are not mutually exclusive. Behavior like which I described in my piece is unacceptable and forces one to take sides. Someone implying I am stupid, racist etc. for being a Democrat makes it a partisan battle. Me not accepting that as fact makes me wise.

  7. Bobb Dobbs Says:

    Yeah, whatever.

  8. corvedacosta Says:

    I agreed with you at some points but at others I thought you were silly – maybe they were intended for a joke. I dunno.

  9. jcscuba Says:

    Your story is in your dreams you know nothing about which you speak.

  10. Kim Wade Says:

    Hey Alvin, are there more blacks trying to get back to Africa or are there more Africans trying to get to America????
    Both you and Obama are racists. You both mouth racial inclusion.
    But if inclusion doesn’t meet “your” subjective requirement of genuflexing on the part of whites or anyone else you are trying to shake down with your time worn “white guilt trip” cash cow. Then you want hurl the “R’ bomb! So it’s you and your small band of hoodlums who are the sole arbiters of who’s credentials are deemed black enough?
    We are at least 55 years into the civil rights movement, struggle or whatever you want to call it.
    By any standard of measurement the black community is collapsing educationally, financially,culturally and spiritually.
    And you fruit loop so-called freedom fighters want another 5 decades to do the same bozo crap.
    I don’t think so!
    You can call me any one of relatives you want. But you can’t call me a liar. Every thing the conservatives have called you guilt ridden affluent negros out on has either come to pass or is coming to pass.
    We conservatives base our positions and views on principles. You based your pyscho-babble on tribalism. That will collapse around your head like the faulty logic advanced in the silly treatise you posted posing as deep thinking.

    Alvin your article was so full of cow residue. I had to stop 1/2 way through to get a heapatitus shot.
    My friend our people are headed for a political JonesTown.
    There are people like me and other conservatives refusing to co-sign this long discredited foolish notion that somehow what you embrace is making the black community better.
    So sit your butt down and let the adults take over.
    Kim Wade

    • goldenae Says:


      I think you know that you are one of the best examples of what I refer to in my other blog post. Your opening line represents that and reaffirms what I have said about the error of your ways. Anyone that would try to assert that the enslavement of people is a good thing lacks depth of insight. However, it is true that all things work for the benefit of God, but an evil act is still evil. You ignorantly assert that if a billionare kidnapped your kids, raped and abused them, etc. That just because their ancestors would have a better life means that what he did was a good thing is insane. The very things laid out in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are not about worldly possessions. They are about those freedoms that each person was born with. We are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights not because we are Americans, but because we are human beings. God turned an evil act(slavery) into a positive, but that does not change the nature of the act. It just shows the power of God. You have always talked the same talk. But you have an opportunity right here and now to list some rights that Conservatives fought for African Americans to have. You can’t because they do not exist;however, I can make a list of those rights that conservatives fought to keep African Americans from having. I can talk facts, whereas you need to talk hyperbole and cute phrases that are not backed up with anything substantial.

  11. Constructive Feedback Says:


    You are on a roll here.
    2 whole posts on your sparsely populated blog and BOTH are about “Black Conservatives” who HAVE NO ELECTIVE POWER over any Black people in America.

    I am waiting desperately to understand what your THIRD POST is going to be about.

    Can I take a guess?

    • goldenae Says:


      You did a pretty good job of selective reading on this one because this was about conservatism in general.

  12. Robert Marie Says:

    Hi goldenae, hope this reply finds you well. You may recall a recent comment made over at that, that, ah oh, you know yall politics. Hard nose bunch they have little in the way of fairness but then the name is somewhat misleading. It should be stated that any opposition to their view just doesn’t exist. I have found enjoyment in the fact they are able to respond to a lot of what you said in comments.

    My real interest regards a comment my wife left there, which as most comments involving a certain event are usually removed. It’s something rare to the extent of those involved and the amounts of money. Yet basically it’s a full blown conspiracy. Comments regarding said stuff is removed leaving responses hanging as though someone were responding to their self. Silly people. Anyway here’s the deal.


    1995 world largest paper manufacture claims accident. Release of toxin
    nitrogen tetrioxide, class action of 20,000 claims. settled in 2005.

    The truth.

    after leaking for weeks with no way to remove or transfer the worlds largest paper mill along with other huge corporations intentionally released Dinitrogen tetroixide. Along with weather and time of day was suppose to carry the toxins to a secluded area where the cloud of poison
    would land on the ground away from everyone and be washed away by rain from the weather conditions providing the wind direction needed.
    The toxic cloud traveled from the mill to an area secluded from others. That area was directly over my home. I’ll try to shorten this, so try and follow as I hope you could suggest something.

    The cloud landed and destroyed our home making us very sick. So sick that the following occurred. As we were first offered 10, million then next threatened to be silent as we were told we would die around the year 2000. August 28th,1998 Vicksburg offer of 84,million filed in my name. February 12th, 1999 total of awards known 276, million for a joined class action. By July 1999 the class trial failed to find any other person injured. Total of awards placed on the remaining family of three.

    Over the years beginning in 2001 2 years before our attorney withdrew we began filing pro’ se. Attorneys had refused to release our files to gain another attorney. All request for relief were denied. At present a known 276, million had with our claims alone and documents which sought 2, billion to whatever was actually had still doesn’t provide relief in fact were told our wards were placed in the failed class and our claims were dismissed civil/constitutional rights and all.

    It’s been reported for the criminal aspects but the like of action would lead one to believe that the 2,billion was had, as all these actions to use us followed statement we would not be allowed to bankrupt the worlds largest corporations bla bla bla,etc.

    So how about it. Got a minute?

  13. Robert Marie Says:

    That is they are not able to respond to you. sorry bout that!

    • goldenae Says:


      My philosophy on things is that Right is Might. If you feel you are correct, you should never give up in pursuit of what you feel is justice. Most of the people on that blog are responding to how they have been conditioned to respond to things. They are told who their enemies are and they can not evaluate situations for themselves. It is easy for me to “debate” them because they rarely know the facts of an issue. I would not sweat the response to any of them that you or your wife get from them. They really do not want to know the truth about anything, they just want to believe the things that they have always believed because that is easiest to do. They are so sensitive and defensive about things because their positions are based on very shallow things. You could not imagine the degree to which I have been “moderated”. The host of the site emails me and tells me not to say this or that. I tell him that I am going to say what I think is relevant and he should not treat his supporters like children. They freely say whatever is on their minds so they should be able to get the same in return. Stay posted, I plan to keep hitting them with facts.

  14. Robert Marie Says:

    goldenae I want to thank you for your response. I knew when reading your comments, you sir are a real person. You are great at telling it like it is, and as you say they certainly treat others like children, with a childish behavior of their own I would add. Over 13 years now yours was the first comment to inspire an on going pursuit. Thank you.

    My friend if right makes might, I am able to prove my statements. hence the reason there removed from blog sites. Some how or some way we hope to have our issues heard some day as I have recovered the documents from the courts actions showing the manner of using us for claims then leaving us for dead. Our doc’s posted in part.

    It’s really something to prove the corruption to the courts but just like the folks at that blog site and others they will only believe their traditional brain washing. That being they just couldn’t be wrong on any subject. I’ll be watching simply to read your hard hitting facts followed by their child like response. Again thank you.

    • GoldenAE Says:

      Remember the phrase”…..but if not….”. Often times we pray for particular things believing that a particular outcome is the just thing and best thing for us. However, there are times when what we thought was best is not best. In those instances, we should be thankful for the things we asked for that we did not get. Those of us that have faith in God know that He can do all things, but there are times that He chooses not to. So, I believe you should pray for God to act on your behalf and hopefully He will,…..but if not, He has something better planned for you.

  15. Bill Bartmann Says:

    I’m so glad I found this site…Keep up the good work

  16. Jonah Says:

    Always amusing to listen a left winger like yourself define conservatives and conservatism thorough your liberal-distorted view of the world.

    • goldenae Says:


      I defined conservatism based on what it puts forth. I would have a distorted view of things if I did not recognize that conservatism has been on the wrong side of Civil Rights, Voting Rights, Women’s Rights, etc.

  17. Jonah Says:

    And liberalism has been on the wrong side of Abortion, Gun Rights, Illegal Immigration, Welfare, and an host of other issues.

    • Goldenae Says:


      I agree that the liberal position on abortion is wrong. But some look at it as choice not being bad, but making the wrong choice as being bad. Choice alone can not be bad because God allows us to make choices, both good and bad. But I would favor people making the right choice where abortion is concerned. As for gun rights, people need to get over their silly fascination with guns. Guns are not a fundamental part of life like they were in colonial times. Guns were not the toys that people tend to use them as today. I do not have a problem with people’s right to bear arms, but I do have a problem with people not wanting to be sensible about guns. Whenever you hear about a person defending themselves or family with a gun, it is never a situation where a person has 50 guns and they needed to unload them. However, whenever you see a nutcase that shot up his job, he had multiple guns and trunk full of ammo. I said that to say that we need to go back to a time where guns were not play toys and look at them as the serious weapons they are. Lastly, I think we need to have the same immigration policy the Pilgrims used. Whatever was okay for them to do should be okay for another group of people to do as well. We are all created equal, right?

      • Jonah Says:

        1. Abortion – I respect your opinion

        2. Guns – Typical liberal hogwash. The number of guns isn’t what kills people, its intent and restraint of the gun owner. The vast majority of pro 2nd amendment types aren’t guilty of anything other than a desire to collect guns. Yes, there are nuts who lose it and will shoot up a daycare, or women’s clinic, or a mall. But these are nutcases with mental problems beyond owning a gun. If they didn’t have access to guns, they would use knives. Or arrows. Or sticks. Anything to allow them to release their rage or whatever it is driving them. Besides, how many of the murderous gangbangers and dopeboys in the ghetto are NRA members?

        3. Immigration – Maybe if the Native Americans had had stricter immigration laws and enforced them by kicking the pilgrims off their land, this wouldn’t be the United States of America today, huh? I say we should learn from their mistake.

      • Goldenae Says:

        2. What does that point have anything to do with sensible gun regulations? Less gun legislation has made it worse for the gangbangers and dope boys you speak of? Same goes for the nutcases? Less legislation makes it harder for them to execute their intentions? And if it came down to it, I would welcome that nutcase having a knife or arrow over a gun. All I am saying to you is that for a lot of people it is not about a right to bear arms, folks want to have any and every type of weapon they can. Why not a grenade launcher or tank if that is what I want to arm myself with? Well, the same should be said of some of these weapons and ammo that exist.

        3. I think we all like the fact that it IS the United States of America and just because people of other nations want to come here does not give one groups rights over another. What is this, first come first serve? Immigration only scares people because people are afraid of people that are not like them. Also, people that are in the majority fear that if they ever get in the minority, they will get treated like minorities today are treated.

  18. Jonah Says:

    Goldenae, you were the one implying that “sensible” gun regulation means limiting the number of guns a person can own, as if there is direct relationship between overall firearm ownership and gun violence. I’m not aware of any studies that support that assertion. Guns do increase the chance that a violent act will end in death, no question about it. And there should always be regulations to keep criminals and known dangerous people from obtaining guns. In fact, most responsible gun owners support stricter enforcement of current laws, not less regulation.

    To unfairly malign law abiding gun owners who happen to own more guns than YOU think they should have is not a sound argument. There are already plenty of laws on the books that restrict the “arms” that people can legally own, which is why you don’t see crackheads in Sherman tanks rolling down Farish Street or Howitzers on NE Jackson lawns.

    As far as immigration, I have no problem with immigrants, regardless of country of origin. My great grandparents immigrated from Ireland, went thru Ellis Island as did millions of other legal immigrants in the 19th and 20th century. This country is greater for being open to people of all races and nationalities.

    I do have a problem with ILLEGAL immigration. We have laws that people who enter our country must follow to become legal citizens. Too many people who have entered our country in the last 30 years do not respect those laws. But liberals will argue that its not fair to enforce those laws because its *raaa-cist* to ship illegals back to their home countries. These illegals should respect our borders and immigration laws the way their home country expects us to respect theirs.

    • goldenae Says:


      I try to just say what I am thinking and avoid implications. I made no such implication about the number or guns and individual owns with crime, I stated an observation. When people are defending themselves, it usually involves one weapon, when nuts go on a rampage, they often have numerous weapons. That was simply an observation. However, it does not take a genius to recognize that thugs and all the other people you referred to do not make guns, so the majority of the guns that they obtain were bought with “legal” methods. Even if that particular individual did not purchase the gun themselves, it got out of the store legally. Or legal manufacturers are selling guns in illegal ways. But nobody in the ghetto is making guns. So, common sense should tell all of us that there are some major holes in the system that are allowing guns to be so prevalent in crime ridden areas. The NRA and gun fanatics have a problem with anything to do with gun legislation. IF it were up to some, there would be no gun laws at all. Something surely needs to be done.

      The issue with immigration is surely racism for some and arrogance for others. Regardless of how you want to twist it, it is arrogant of people that had no regulation at all for entering into a country to put barriers to other people doing the same thing that they did. Immigration did not become an issue in this country until people different from the earlier settlers began flooding in. Whatever papers were required of the people on the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria should be fine for everyone else. You can claim everyone’s opposition is to illegal immigration, but that flies in the face of how we have treated immigrants throughout our history. There has always been a resistance to immigration, legal or not. “Irish need not apply”, those werent illegals. So, even if it does not apply to you, the sooner you realize that a good portion of Americans do not want immigrants of other nationalities and races to populate this country, the more clear you can see the problem.

      • Jonah Says:

        Alright, Goldenae, just exactly how do you propose we preempt someone who is not a law breaker (prior to committing a gun crime) from lawfully obtaining a gun and committing a crime with it? And on top of that, how do you propose we keep existing law breakers from obtaining guns through unlawful means? And lastly, how does restricting my rights as a law abiding citizen do anything to prevent crimes committed by criminals that have no regard for your laws?

        And immigration laws is not arrogance it is necessary to ensure that we have a common language and culture within our society in order to function. My great-grandparents were certainly discriminated against, and endured many obstacles to gain acceptance in this society. While I won’t dare compare it to the unacceptable historic plight of your people, it stands to reason that part of the reason that groups such as the Irish eventually benefited into this society is because they accepted its laws, borders, language and culture. The groups you are defending, the newer waves of immigrants from Mexico and Central America for example, do not share those beliefs are attempting to subvert our culture to meet their home country, which is why we have to have multilingual everything in this majority English speaking country.

      • goldenae Says:

        Whatever could be done that would work would be offensive to the people that do not think that any restrictions should be put on guns. First, you have to admit that a nice chunk of the people on your side oppose any sort of gun regulations. That being the case, even simple things that make sense are opposed. It is easier to get a gun than it is to get a passport. Alot of laws restrict the rights of law abiding citizens. The entire argument that Professor Gates needed to obey every wish of a police officer at his own home was an infringement of rights, but one that was universally held by conservatives. Honestly, I think the root of lot of what we see going on in the inner city, etc. can be traced by to things like Iran/Contra. When the government resorted to selling drugs to achieve a political end, they opend the door for a lot of things. The drug money opened the door for all of thse weapons to hit the streets. Once that Pandora’s Box was opened, it changed everything thing. So, I do not have a finite solution to the current problem with illegal guns everywhere, but I do think that we should go after people that create situations like Iran/Contra.

        What about the Declaration of Independence or Constitution of the United States says anything about culture, language, etc.? We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal…Manifest Destiny and all of that sort of thing works both ways. If other people can come in and do the very thing that the early settlers did, with the logic that has been put forth, it must be the right thing to happen. I am sure that Native Americans did not want the country changed in the way that it was. We do not speak their language, this is not their culture. We changed all of that. So, if time passes and another culture of people become the dominant culture, that is America. You eluded to the problem. It really is not about the immigration being legal or illegal, it is a fear that people have that their culture will be destroyed or changed. The Constitution, Declaration, etc. were documents that were more wise than the individuals that created them. If the idea that people can expand and take over areas is good for one group, it should apply to others.

  19. Jonah Says:

    As I suspected, you have no real ‘solution’ to the gun problem other than offer general indictments of law enforcement. Gotcha. Again, typical liberal. I wonder if you would trust this same government and its law enforcement officials to ban all guns in the name of getting them out of the hands of criminals.

    And is your almost vitriolic hatred for the historically dominant culture in America, i.e. white people, the reason you support unchecked immigration by other cultures?

    • goldenae Says:


      Let’s not be ridiculous. I am a scientist, but I do not have a cure for cancer either. Obviously you do not have a solution to our gun problem either. I can also say that in the neighborhood that I grew up everyone having a gun did not make things better, but worse. You guys like to take every argument to the extreme. Because I think something should be done, does not mean that I think that guns should be banned. That is the typical response that keeps anything from getting done. As for rights, you all seemed to be perfectly content with Bush going after the rights of law abiding citizens in the name of fighting terrorism. Something tells me that a lot of the crying today is more than politics, especially after you mentioning you think someone hates the “historical dominant culture” of which the President is only partly from.

      “Vitriolic hatred”? Conservatives have a tendency to act as if anytime history is retold it has to be from a hateful perspective. If I misstated anything historically, simply correct me. I do not think that I did. It seems as if you are the one that harbors some sort of hate toward individuals that are different than yourself if you think America is about a “dominant culture”. Maybe that represents the root of you guys thinking. Maybe you all actually look at the United States as “yours” and that it belongs to only certain types of people. If that is truly the case and “God Bless America” means only the type of America that you believe in, you have nothing to fear. How do you all always seem to get that change means that someone hates white people? Things change, that is the nature of change. Nothing stays that same, not even America. But to clear the record, you can get over yourself thinking that America is owned by anyone. It is going to change whether you like it or not. Get over it.

      The real you is coming out now, maybe we can really talk about what is on your mind.

      • Jonah Says:

        THE REAL ME? LOL that is rich, coming from someone whose whole blog to date seems to be devoted to attacking conservatives and our beliefs, to the point of dissing conservative African Americans who don’t share your viewpoints as being less than black.

      • Jonah Says:

        And thank you for stating that you don’t favor a gun ban, because I have heard liberals espouse that very opinion. I just needed to know who I was dealing with on that issue. Just so you know, I’m not a fan of GW Bush or the Iraq War to be clear.

  20. Jonah Says:

    Because I assure you, the only people who would benefit in a gun-free culture would be the government (the very entity the Constitution guards against by permitting its citizens to bear arms) and criminals (who will always find a way to get guns, even in your liberal utopia).

    • goldenae Says:

      I have been “real” since the beginning. No hidden meanings or subtle points, I come out and say what I believe. I do not agree with conservatism and I have stated why. Just like I assume that do not agree with liberalism. As for African American conservatives, I explained the problem that I have and it is not with them, but their tactics. If someone trys to claim I live on a “Democratic Plantation” or that I have been “Bamboozled”, I am going to take issue with that because it is like someone on the New Orlean Saints trying to tell a New England Patriot how to win the Super Bowl. It is ridiculous to me and I am going to say something about it every chance I get. You will not find where I claimed that anyone was “less than Black”. I did however say that they should bring something to the table other than bashing the Black community, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc. You are darn right I am going to be critical when I see people attacking someone just because they want to set themselves apart from them. You go to the National Black Republican Association website and tell me the common theme that you run across over there. If being a Black conservative was about views, I could respect that, but based on all that they say, it is not about views, but about them trying to put Democrats, especially Blacks to lift themselves up. Where is their identity outside of not being a Black Democrat? Seems like they would be talking about values as opposed to trying to say that I am on a Plantation because I choose to be a Democrat. What you see here is a response to my observations of them.

  21. Jonah Says:

    Really? “Black Republicans/Conservatives Have Mental Vitiligo”? doesn’t imply that African American conservatives think ‘less black’ or perhaps, ‘more white’ than you think they should? I understand that Vitiligo is a skin condition in people of color in which there is loss of pigment (color) from areas of skin, resulting in irregular WHITE patches that feel like normal skin. Perhaps if people like Sharpton and Jackson wouldn’t get so offended when white people discuss “black” issues on TV, demanding that a black always be included in the discussion, the media wouldn’t have to keep trotting out people like Rev Peterson and Larry Elder to participate in the discussion. Actually if it wasn’t for the handful of black conservatives who dare to participate in these discussions, I would assume all of black America are liberals in the Sharpton vein of thinking.

    Perhaps I’m projecting things onto you that I’ve heard other blacks call each other, like Oreos and Uncle Toms, for actually daring to agree with a white person or openly criticize a black who is acceptable to the black liberal majority.

    • goldenae Says:


      We have gone back and forth on this issue and I doubt that my simple perspective will change how you look at things. You mentioned Jackson in one of your responses, so you must be from my area. You do not seem to think that a lot of this stuff that is going on with Obama are associated with racial issues, I do. Just this morning on WJNT, the subject of Obama speaking to school children across the nation came up. First of all, the very idea that it is insulting for the President of the United States to try to encourage kids to perform in school says alot about people’s thinking. But to show you exactly what I am talking about, Larry Nesbit of WJNT is one of his diatribes called President Obama a “half breed”. There is no question that such language is racist and insulting as if Obama is mixed with two different species or something. This is the kind of talk that shows people that there may be disagreements with Obama’s philosophy, ideology, etc., but it boils down to race. The saddest part about him saying that was no one got upset about it. Shameful.

  22. Golden Says:

    You are projecting, but I will address what you said. The term Uncle Tom has legitimate roots in describing Blacks that would hang other Blacks out to dry so they can get ahead. I’ve never called anyone that. A lot of people think that micheal jacksons skin condition was self induced. It is said that he did not like being Black. I used that title because a lot of the Black Conservatives I have noticed do the same thing in a different way. It does not make them less Black, but shows that hate being identified as Black.All Black Conservatives do not come across like that, but a good number do.

    • Jonah Says:

      I guess I can understand that. People are free to be who they are in America, and to be criticized for their beliefs. I certainly know white people, like your buddy at a local “Free Press” site, who act as if they resent being white and identify more strongly with blacks and other racial minorities.

      Anyway, I’m not ashamed to be a conservative and to defend my beliefs. With that, I’m out. Have a good weekend and I look forward to sparring with you on a different topic.

  23. Jonah Says:

    Oh, my gf alerted me that you “reported” my last post like a good little hall monitor, lol! I figured you would, so predictable. Later, dude!

    • Goldenae Says:

      It is called common courtesy. I would have done the same in reverse. And if you did not know, this is a public blog, not as if we were having “secret” communication. Actually, I had no idea who you were referring to, yet interested if they had any idea. If I mention someone or some group in my post, I welcome them knowing. Stop acting like I ran behind your back to do “tattle”. Not that serious man, just common courtesy.

  24. Jonah Says:

    Common courtesy? Please, I forced myself to wade around over there to see what you said about me. Seemed more like trying to shine a spotlight to score a few points. Besides, the individual I was thinking of apparently doesn’t blog any longer, since I don’t see any of their posts in the more recent articles.

    That’s what is so sad and frightening about liberals and their obsession with race and playing politically correct ‘gotcha’ games with conservatives.

    • Goldenae Says:


      You sound very silly. I am pretty new to blogging, etc., but I have learned very quickly that a lot of you are thin-skinned and paranoid. I do not know a single person over there at JFP and I have been at odds with Ladd as much as I have folks on Ya’ll Politics. I am 38 years old, I have no idea how old you are, but I do not need to score points with anyone over there or anywhere else because I do not depend on anyone’s support. How you came to the conclusion that someone is trying to play “gotcha” politics on public sites is beyond me. If you want to come at me on issues, you are going to have to leave behind that highschool type thinking that would lead you to think that I need to play games. I do not agree with what you have said and have said as much to your face, so when Ladd assumed you were referring to her, since your statement was pretty broad, I responded in disagreement because I have never looked at her positions in the way you described. If you want to be accurate, you need to look at my first post and it shows I had no idea who you were referring to. But if you are going to basically call somebody a “wigger”, they have a right to defend themselves.

      Liberals recognize that race is injected into issues. Like this morning when Larry Nesbit called Obama a “half breed”. That is racist, plain and simple. Recognizing that and calling him on it is the right thing to do, not an obsession with race. It is sad and funny that in a state that celebrates Confederate Memorial Day would have the nerve to say liberals are obsessed with race.

      • goldenae Says:


        No paranoid rantings from you this week? Labor Day Weekend must have mellowed you out. Or are you busy making protest signs for Obama’s message to the kids today?

  25. Jonah Says:

    Not at all, Goldenae. Rather than looking for gov’t handouts, I’m very busy today performing actual work, the kind that keeps this country running smoothly. But I find your 11:16 comment…amusing.

    I’ll contribute again when I have more time.

    • goldenae Says:


      Always amusing to me when people that comment on things act as if other people can comment on things because they do not have anything relevant to do. Lately, I find it extremely funny to hear a conservative rant about “government handouts” when Mississippi ranks first in getting pork because of the work of Republicans like Thad Cochran. The majority of the states that get more in federal funding than they send in taxes are red. That “gov’t handout” snipe was interesting to say the least. And you are going to mess around and keep talking and tell us how you really feel about some folks.

  26. Jonah Says:

    No new anti-conservative rants this week, Alvin? I’m shocked.

    As far as Miss being a leader in pork, well real conservatives would certainly object to unchecked government entitlements. Hypocrisy is a big part of the reason the GOP lost the White House and Congress.

    How I feel about “some” folks? LOL. Why don’t you say what you think you “know” about me since you think you know so much.

    • goldenae Says:

      You call it “rants”, I call it holding people accountable, which I expect for myself. You sound like Rush and the others on Ya’ll Politics who love to be critical, but can not stand criticism. I would suspect you are a lot like Rush in that you do not see the hypocrisy of that. But it is funny to see a guy who spends his life trying to damage and disparage others, but claims he is being attacked when those same people do the same to him. Rush is a typical conservative and I believe you are as well. The type that can dish it, but not take it.

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