Black Republicans/Conservatives Have Mental Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a skin disorder that gained notoriety for being the cause of Micheal Jackson’s loss of skin color. I think I have discovered a condition that a lot of Black Republicans/Conservatives seem to have, Mental Vitiligo(M.V.). I actually discovered this condition by accident when I began to look into politics more deeply and observed what people had to say. I began listening to a local Black Conservative Talk Show host which prompted me to listen to more nationally known figures. Almost without fail, I noticed that whenever a Black Republican/Conservative was on a program whether it be television or radio, they sounded the same. All of them seemed to have the same personalities and qualities. I am sure that I am not the only one that has noticed that a good number of Black Republicans/Conservatives seem fixated on making Black Democrats seem racist or stupid. I have had hundreds of conversations with Black Conservatives and a lot of them seem to be on a mission to dissassociate themselves from the black community. Regardless of the circumstances, they are often recruited to say that a particular thing was not racist if it is an action of a white toward a black or that it was racist if it was the action of a black toward a white.

As I became more interested in the topic, I began to look around to see what I could find. One of the first people that came to my attention was Jesse Lee Peterson who is a favorite of Sean Hannity who reportedly said that slavery was a gift from God. That statement reminded me of something a local Black Conservative Talk Show host said which was that slaves were better off in America than not being slaves in Africa. That sort of mindset nearly blew me away. How could anyone be so ridiculous? I remember contacting Frances Rice who is the Chair of the National Black Republican Association to complain about the tone of Black Republicans. Her response was that she and others were going to do everything in their power to bring Obama down. It was clear to me that her response had more to do with race than politics. Black Republicans will be the first to suggest that the Democratic Party is fixated on race and often plays the race card. I think the opposite is true. I can demonstrate that Black Republicans are fixated on race and there main weapons are race cards. In my opinion, they play to the disgruntled whites who feel that the United States is changing and that minorities are taking over.

I thought I should conclude this peace with some examples of what I consider “Mental Vitiligo”. All of the following titles were taken from the National Black Republican Association website.
“Is Obama a Racist?” by Frances Rice, “A Post Racial President?” by Thomas Sowell, Stupid Black Men by Larry Elder, Bamboozled by Angela McGlowan, and They Think You’re Stupid by Herman Cain. That is much more than a coincidence, but represents a way of thinking.  Mental Vitiligo seems to be a condition that tells Black Conservatives that they have to go out of their way to dissassociate themselves from the Black Community and they seem to want to achieve that by attacking it.  I personally believe that sufferers of Mental Vitiligy believe that if they take every opportunity to attack the Black community or defend attacks against the Black community, they will be more accepted in society. They fail to realize that their actions only serve to feed the predjudices that some people have.


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51 Responses to “Black Republicans/Conservatives Have Mental Vitiligo”

  1. Andy Says:

    Dude, you have some ways to go. You’re only half way there; the insane asylum is 2 miles from your house and you’ve only gone the first mile.

    Keep chuggin, dude, you’ll make it.

    Seriously are you 20 years old using the computer in your moms basement, or what?

    • goldenae Says:

      Comments are welcome, but make a point. I discussed an observation that you seem to have a problem with, but instead of addressing what I presented, you veered off into typed dribble.

  2. lil Says:

    Shut your eyes and you will see Obama the way I see him. He is just another John Kerry, Teddy Kennedy, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, etc. democrat. These are people who because of their beliefs in big government, I don’t want making decisions concerning my life, my family or my country.

    I see Obama not as a black man who is president but as the wrong man who is president, just as I would see anyone of similar political beliefs being the wrong person to be president. Its time time to broaden your narrow point of view and realize while yes while there are racists and there is racism not everyone is a racist and not every disagrement is racial.

    • goldenae Says:

      Did you read what the post was about? It was not about Obama, but the behavior of Black Republicans. I do not see how you ended up thinking it was about Obama. It may be about Obama to them, but my piece was about their behavior in general.

  3. versionthirteen Says:

    It is my firm belief that liberals suffer from a mental form of Pernicious Anemia Conceptualis whereby their thoughts are so infrathin and ungrounded as to not be classifiable as cogent. Instead, the liberal thought is rarely more than a feeling or an impulse and which should not be used for 1)balancing a checkbook 2)organizing a government 3)tending livestock 4)operating heavy machinery 5)prosecuting a war 6)raising a child 7)understanding science 8)running a business 9)voting 10)locating an ass with two hands (hint on the last one: it may be the symbol of your political party, the leader of your party or the anatomical centerpoint of your ‘thoughts’.)

    • goldenae Says:

      You probably have that response ready to ‘copy and paste’ whenever you run across an issue you can not address directly. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Republican leadership demonstrated to us in the last 8 years that they could definately not excute any of the 10 things on your list. Well, Senator Larry Craig probably had a lot of practice executing number 10, but he probably won’t admit it.

  4. versionthirteen Says:

    Yes, of course. Somehow I was fortunate to have kept my cut and paste articles filed for the time when a clueless dolt liberal had to be beaten down with a medical condition metaphor, since I was just certain one would use one to deride balck conservatives.

    • goldenae Says:

      Instead of failing at what you attempted to do(noble effort), you should have taken the opportunity to try and dispel the assertion. You reacted, you did not respond. A proper response would have been address the matter as opposed to giving a generic response to me. Maybe you took offense because you saw the truth in my statements.

  5. versionthirteen Says:

    Your only assertion is that black conservatives are all alike and that this is somehow proof they have a mental defect akin to a physical one. You base this on your observations, randomly gleaned from whatever media you find at hand.
    To quote: “I personally believe that sufferers of Mental Vitiligy believe that if they take every opportunity to attack the Black community or defend attacks against the Black community, they will be more accepted in society. They fail to realize that their actions only serve to feed the predjudices that some people have.”

    Does this concluding paragraph from your statement of your belief even make sense? It may be at the Mad Hatter’s Table, but it isn’t anything more than a glimpse into an outrageously weak thought process. Whenever a lying liberal talks about the black “community” or the gay “community” or any “community” they are demonstrating what asses they truly are.

    • goldenae Says:

      You made an assertion that I never made. I never said all Black Conservatives/Republicans at all. I described what I have seen as common. It does not take in-depth vision to be able to see roles that particular individuals take on. For the longest time, when a Black person was on television or in a movie, you could put the role in one of a few descriptions. I have not made up any of the assertions I have made about Black Conservatives such as the titles to their own books and articles. Tell me when Sean Hannity invites a Black Conservative on to any of his programs. He does so when he wants to have a Black face/voice dispel some racial incident that is the current topic. That is a role. Do not be mad at me, I am not the Casting Director.

  6. Dan Levitan Says:

    You only bring up one person. And he’s one of the more outspoken people.

    What about Charles Payne? JC Watts? Jerry Brooks? (Alfon)Zo Rachel?

    Your case is not only flawed, but it’s intentionally misleading and stupid.

    • goldenae Says:

      I brought up a list of people with the titles of their books and articles. I respect J.C. Watts to a point, because I think he tries to be honest, but Sean Hannity still tries to use him in the same way. The majority of the time he talks to J.C. is to try and get J.C. to diss Obama. What do you think was a big factor in the election of Micheal Steele. I happen to like Steele, but he hurt himself a great deal when he let Rush punk him down. Armstrong Williams is cool. I like the way he expresses himself without always having to assume the “diss the black community” role. Colin Powell is also another that does not engage in those type of tactics and Rush Limbaugh hates him for it. Charles Evers another Black Conservative was called all sorts of names for supporting Obama, despite all he has done to show his support for the Republican Party. So, I my position has never been that what I said was a description of all, but that it was just a particular practice that far too many Black Conservatives participate in. Conservatism should have nothing to do with race. I can show you from the words of Republican leaders where they made an attempt to court disgruntled Southern Whites which they knew would put them in opposition to the Black community. So, it is not really a matter of what I think, it is a matter of what I know. A lot of Black Conservatives are being counterproductive to attracting Blacks to the Republican Party because all they know are insults.

  7. Andy Says:

    While I thank you for not deleting my first post, but actually responded, so you are not crazy. I think you need to look at more than one person and in more than one walk of life. Do a real study before you go off with your theory. I know many black people and probably most of them are democrats (like myself), but they have republican thinking caps on, i.e., personal responsibility, don’t let the government involve itself in everything, etc. That’s probably more liberatarian than republican but it’s not Big Government thinking, and besides you know what I mean. Dan above noted that your article only talked of one person.

    • goldenae Says:


      Take more than a second to look at the post. I listed several examples in the post. I spoke of two individuals aside from those that I listed in book and article titles. You are a lost soul if you think having on a Republican thinking cap involves things like personal responsibility. That being the case, you have surely bought into some odd beliefs. Any self respecting person regardless of party should be personally responsible. Kinda makes me think of the type of people that look to OTHERS for SELF respect or SELF esteem. That should be found within.

  8. Vince P Says:

    I tend to think of Obama as an incompetent Stalin or Mao

    • goldenae Says:


      You just made one of those statements that everyone looks at and ask, “Is that the best he could do?”

  9. KansasGirl Says:

    Just exactly what “black community” are you referring to? I think conservatives blacks want to be part of the American community.

    • goldenae Says:


      I really do not know how to answer that question if it was an actual question because if I had said, “the Hispanic” community or some other community, you would have understood what I meant. I would hope Black conservatives do want to be part of the American community and they should also respect themselves and others enough to allow people to be people as opposed to pitting one group against another. My post is basically saying that a lot of Black Conservatives spend far too much time being on the anti-black committee than they do just being individuals. There are no specific white people that conservative media goes to to speak out against whites on issues. But, if you take the time to notice, conservative talk uses particular Black conservatives whenever they want to get a black guy to take the anti-black community position. Something is wrong with that.

  10. Nathaniel Orwiler Says:

    I just stumbled across your blog in the “fastest growing blogs” section on my dashboard. I love both of your posts because I agree with them, yet I’m not sure how helpful it is to insist on such divisiveness. Don’t get me wrong. I’m as divisive as they come, out of frustration, but your language suggests no exceptions to the rule, i.e. Conservatives are all one way and Dems another, or being a black republican would be unconscionable. I worry that, while you try to carry out serious debate, the phrasing of your blogs are what is generating such stupid, stupid responses from asses like me.

    I’ve given up on such things and resorted to straight sarcasm:

    • goldenae Says:

      I can feel you on that, but the intent really is not to be devisive, but to be honest. I love different points of view;however, I detest points of view that have little to do with the issues and more to do with a particular person’s agenda. Alot of Black Conservatives seem to be fixated on pointing out that they do nt represent what the majority of the black community does and that really is not a point. Always having to be counter to something is silly.

  11. brendaanglinsblog Says:

    Every person on the face of the planet is a unique individual. Judging anything beyond that can lead one to be labeled incorrectly. Is anyone 100% anything in thought or look? I choose to love and form my opinions for my own purpose…and that is to serve and create peace and harmony. When one goes to the judgement realm one can be labeling oneself with the same tag that she/he is labeling another.

    • goldenae Says:


      Everyone is different, that being the case, why does every book or article listed by a Black conservative author have the same theme? I am not the one that cast them in the role they have assumed, they all seem to have chosen it. What are the odds that so many different people decided to talk about the same thing in the same way? It is how they think they will be accepted and that is silly.

  12. The Politics of Racism: The Case Against Intra-Racial Group Think - Hip Hop Republican Says:

    […] Conservatives think. The blogger “goldenae” makes a large part of their point in the title “Black Republicans/Conservatives Have Mental Vitiligo”. A friend of mine compared it to the classic “Oreo” reference. To me Oreos are a delicious […]

    • goldenae Says:

      Observation is a skill. If a person or group of people tend to act a particular way, you should not blame someone for noticing. If I made up the things they were saying or the titles of their articles and books, you might have a point that I was casting some unfounded dispersion. However, I am just calling them on what I have observed of them. If you take the time to see the role they often assume, you might see it as well.

  13. Scott Conklin Says:

    One sign of a blogger in desperate damage control mode is his need to reply to every reply he gets.

    The fact is your silly blog is flawed to the core in every aspect. Even the books you cite you obviously failed to read. Suggestion, rather than argue yourself deeper into a hole here, go read what hiphoprepublican has to say about your inanity. Maybe you’ll learn something. I doubt it but it’s worth a shot.

    • goldenae Says:


      I reply to every blog I get out of appreciation for someone taking time to weigh in. I also feel confident in responding because the facts are on my side. I could fill up the internet with examples of my observations. If you really wanted to be honest, you could admit that what I have said is often the norm when you see or hear a Black Conservative on. I would hope that they would not routinely find themselves expressing the same positions, but that is usually the case. If you notice, no one that has disagreed with my post could defend the examples that I sited because they were dead-on examples of what I am referring to.

  14. Isaac Hayes Says:

    When it comes to partisan politics and the Black community we could go tit-for-tat. I can give you a plethora of examples of racism within the Democratic party as recently as the Democratic primary.

    However, I want to object to your blanket assertion that those of us who recognize the failure of liberalism over the past 60 years are somehow anti-Black. I can only speak for myself and assure you that my community involvement belies your statement.

    We can spread the blame around, but the reality is that we are the only group that does not diversify our political capital. The result – double digit unemployment, more Black men in prison than college, 500+ murders in cities like mine, etc.

    I would ask before you decided to write a column about Black Conservatives you reach out to us and have documented proof to back up your assertions.

    One thing is for certain, what we are doing is not working. So I guess the joke is on who?

    • goldenae Says:


      If not for “liberalism” you would not have rights if you are an African American. My post was not in praise of liberalism, but since you went there….Tell me a right that conservatism got you or fought for you to have. Let me help you. None. Not one. How much documented proof do you need other then just about every appearance a Black Conservative makes on TV, or book or article they write? Just because you choose to ignore the common theme there, I do not have to go along with that.

    • goldenae Says:


      I totally agree. What Black Conservatives are doing is not working. Never would it be acceptable for people that claim to be interesting in appealing to a particular group of people allowing so many that represent them to insult the very people they claim to be interested in. Who said Democrats were perfect? Not me. But if your argument is that the Democratic Party represents a party that trys to hold African Americans back, the should be represented in the outcome, right? African Americans as a community basically just gained access to full rights in America. My parents could not vote, and do a lot of things because of the color of their skin. It has only been about one generation that the African American Community has had full access to the American Dream. Honestly, you should be asking yourself, what Conservatism has done for African Americans and you will realize that your list would be very short. Also, Black Conservatives are the ones that decided to take the approach they have, it was their chose. I just mentioned my observation. Where are all of the people that disagree with what I am saying when Rush has Mr. Snerdley(Black Conservative) on his show doing skits where he is translating things into “ghetto” talk for Black folks? This is the leading conservative in America demonstrating what he thinks of Blacks and people have a problem with me having a problem with Black people or anyone that would allow themselves to be used like that. If someone that knew nothing about our political system looked at the two parties and tried to determine which was a better avenue for African Americans, how could conservatism be in the running when it has opposed rights for African Americans at every point in this nation’s history?

  15. Constructive Feedback Says:


    You suffer from the condition that I call “Keeping The Conservatives On Trial”.

    You see, you willfully ignore that every single voting district in America that has a 35% + Black voting base has all of its key institutions controlled by people that you and the prevailing Black establishment favor. Despite this – you choose to write a rambling diatribe against Black Conservatives.

    Do you know of any Black elected Conservative who can:

    * Cause your child to have a inferior education per his administration over the schools?

    * Allow Black people to live in a terrorized state because he is in control over BOTH the Police and the culture that the young males that are doing the terrorizing were immersed in from youth?

    At the end of the day your entire post is unrepresentative of the threat that we as a people suffer from today on the streets.

    I will now scan your blog to see how many stories you have that focus on the various Black Democrats who do run the institutions that I speak of.

    • goldenae Says:


      If you took a minute to think about what I am saying, I am not praising anyone. I am just pointing out from my observation that if Black Republicans were really serious, they would “recruit” members differently. However, I do not really believe that the vast majority of Black Conservatives are interested in bringing African Americans to the GOP. If they were, they are using same awfully bad marketing techniques. That is my point and of all the negative responses that I have gotten, I do not see anyone that has even tried to defend the persona that Black Republicans have made for themselves.

      My post was extremely vocused and was not anywhere near an attempt to place all the anything on any particular group of people. It only was what I said it was, an observation. But since you want to expand the focus, look at it this way. Regardless of what the problems are, their causes and the solutions, individuals out there that are willing to distort problems are not part of the solution. If Black Conservatives really want to be part of the solution, they should not allow themselves to only be used when conservatives want to show a Black person that is expressing a position counter to the majority of the Black community. The vast majority of the time you see a Black conservative, it is to say that something that happenned to a Black person was not racist or that something that happenned to a white was racist. No where in that arena of marketing is attacking the target audience helpful in promotion of your ideas/product.

      • Constructive Feedback Says:

        [quote]I am just pointing out from my observation that if Black Republicans were really serious, they would “recruit” members differently.[/quote]

        Please allow me to switch from “Black Republican” over to BLACK CONSERVATIVE. I am an “Black Conservative Independent”. My goals have little to do with the Republican Party.

        My main mission today – as I look at the key problems that plague the Black community is to: PUSH THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY OUT OF OUR RACIAL NUCLEUS, OUT TO THE PERIPHERY. They should be made to compete for the votes of African-Americans based on their deliveries.

        Again the FLAW in your argument is that you argue that the goal of the “Black Conservative” is RECRUITMENT of other Blacks.

        In truth, Goldenea:

        The goal of the BLACK POLITICAL ACTIVISM needs to be to create a system that results in:

        * Safe Streets so that our community can build bonds
        * Quality Education in order to prepare our young people to fill the professional services positions that our community needs
        * Thriving Local Economies – to allow our people to trade with each other and provide employment
        * Healthy Lifestyles – to allow our people to live long, painfree lives

        Thus I don’t understand your request for BLACK CONSERVATIVES to provide more favorable messages to attract other Blacks.

        YOU NEED TO BE FOCUSED UPON the fact that despite the POPULARITY in the prevailing political order – these 4 bullet points remain elusive.

        Goldenae did you realize that in Baltimore:

        * The local city council man is a DEMOCRAT
        * And sits on a 100% DEMOCRAT City Council
        * The local school board rep is a DEMOCRAT
        * And they sit on a majority DEMOCRAT controlled school board
        * The Mayor Is A DEMOCRAT
        * The State House Rep Is A DEMOCRAT
        * In A Democratic Controlled STATE HOUSE
        * The State Senator Is A DEMOCRAT
        * In a Democratic Controlled State Senate
        * The US Rep Is A Democrat
        * In A US House That Is Majority Controlled By The Democrats
        * The 2 MD US Senators Are Democrats
        * In A US Senate That Has A Filibusterer Proof DEMOCRATIC Majority


        * Not only is the PRESENT A Democrat – He Is A Black Progressive

        Despite ALL OF THIS Goldenae – a resident in Baltimore has FEW of these 4 “Black Best Interests”.

        The thing that I don’t like about you is that, in your Ideological Bigotry – you are more focused on the FORCE THAT HAS NO POWER IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY (The Black Conservative) rather than focusing upon THE POWER THAT CONTROLS ALL OF OUR INSTITUTIONS.

        It is clear that YOUR INTERESTS are not to fix the problems WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

        You instead seek to fight your external enemies – regardless of their threat level.

      • goldenae Says:


        What do you think about that Republican Congresswoman calling for a “Great White Hope” to thwart Obama?

      • Jonah Says:

        What do you think of Jesse Jackson’s criticism of Rep. Artur Davis (D-Ala.) for voting against the Democrats’ signature healthcare bill?

        “We even have blacks voting against the healthcare bill,” Jackson said at a reception Wednesday night. “You can’t vote against healthcare and call yourself a black man.”

  16. politicaldookie Says:

    Wow, stereotype much?

    • goldenae Says:

      Stereotype would mean trying to attribute something that is not true to an individual. The truth is not a stereotype. Very interesting from a guy that promotes the image of our President as a “Joker”. That is a stereotype.

  17. goldenae Says:


    Black Democrats are not gods, they have the same abilities as any other human being. Problems exist everywhere, but a good number of the problems in the Black Community are results of past practices. Electing someomeone does not change the history of a community. Let’s look at a few issues and see how something can snowball out of control and just because a Democrat may be on the City Counsel does not make it their fault. Black gangs came about because folks in the Black community wanted to band together to oppose racial hostility directed at them. So, you have a group of young black males that are targets of racial hostility who also are being denied a good education, access to jobs, etc. Reagan comes along in the 80s and decides he wants to fund the Contras inspite of being denied by Congress. Under the direction of the CIA, drugs are sold in inner cities to fund the Contras. So, now you have a situation where gangs are not about protecting themselves, but about selling and distributing drugs. All of this I speak of is in the Congressional Record on the Department of Justice website if you want to look it up. So, with that sort of thing going on, what difference does it make what party the elected officials are when once things like gangs and drugs come together, there is no seperating them? Regardless of the strength or numbers of Black Conservatives, I have a problem with them not being able to address issues like I raised. I can not overlook the fact that Conservatism’s hero is Reagan who I think should have been imprisoned because of what we know to have happenned during Iran/Contra. I have problem with Conservatism period, I just think that Black Conservatives are clueless to things that have transpired in the name of conservatism.

  18. meanmrmustard1 Says:

    I agree that the Black Republicans, and Republicans create race issues.

    It seems that more and more people are finally seeing the cruel Republican liars for what they are, homophobic, racist morons.

    It has to stop and they have to be stopped. They should not be allowed in polite company any more. It is time to show them we mean business.

    Enjoyed your post and will check back often. Good luck to you.

    • goldenae Says:

      Thanks for weighing in. Some people that have read it really did not try to “get” what I was saying. A good example of what I am talking about is that a Republican Congresswoman from Kansas was at a townhall and actually said they needed a “Great White Hope” to thwart Obama. Where is Michael Steele saying that is crazy talk? Actually I bet that if the subject ever comes up, he would excuse away that kind of talk. If a Congressperson feels some comfortable saying something like that in public, they know that it will be received well and it was. But that only goes to show you what is acceptable in the Republican Party. If a white Democrat had said something so foolish, they would be held accountable for it. The Republican lady who said it will probably gain support, not lose it. Keep posting and stay in touch.

  19. Robert Marie Says:

    goldenea, I find the facts you claim right on. I think you already know why and how the responses your getting are opposed to some of your views. I’m certain it’s the same in a lot of places. For some reason IMHO, Mississippi is the worse at accepting the truth of a given matter or event.

    How much abuse is involved in the brainwashing is not clear but I’m sure I’ve witnessed it. I’ve seen and heard how elders made demands on their children. Then noticed the effects that were applied. You have people who don’t understand much of anything, but they seem to only remember what they were told during their child hood nothing more. without self change everyone else suffers.

  20. Robert Marie Says:

    We have an entire civil justice system in this state based on the relationship of family and friends, Although they are suppose to work for the rest of us. they are taking the power of the courts to benefit themselves. These law and political blogs can’t hold to any truths. Any discovery of crime made during blogging incidents are quickly swept under.

    I hope the greater part of all of us. Understand this is one planet and we will either share it properly or suffer the out come if we can’t. Placing family and friends before what is right isn’t my idea of fairness or justice.
    It’s sad that for whatever reason there is still a network of crooks running things in this state and reporting it doesn’t change a thing.

    The little brainwashed babies get their childish ways simply because it’s what the babies want. At what point does reality set in, the judgment of god?

  21. golden eagle Says:

    Goldenae, I didn’t know you had a blog until you linked it at the JFP.

    For a long time, I’ve been feeling the same way about some black Republicans. By saying “some”, I want to be clear that I don’t paint all black Republicans like the more vocal ones such as Ken Hamblin and Alan Keyes. In fact, I believe most black Republicans do want to see blacks as a whole do better. They just have a different way of going about it. But from what I hear from the Hamblins and his ilk of the world can be quite offensive. I think they’re put out there to express and validate what certain white conservatives think and want to say about blacks, but can’t do it out of fear of being branded a racist or worst.

    This post is not to say that blacks can’t or shouldn’t be Republicans. Your race shouldn’t determine what party you belong to. It’s what party (or no party, if an independent) best represent your ideology. But at the same time, don’t denigrate an entire race (especially your own) to further advance your goal.

    • goldenae Says:

      Golden Eagle,

      I could have been more clear and not given the impression that I think all Black Republicans are the same because I do not. But I do think that even the ones that are not like I have described allow the ones that are to highjack their image and do not speak out against the type of foolishness that goes on. You are exactly right in knowing that my intention was not to say that Blacks SHOULD not be Republicans, I simply am telling folks why alot of Black refuse to be Republicans. But as you can see, folks do not want to look at an obvious situation and ask why, they would rather believe that Black folks are brainwashed, can not think for ourselves and do not know what is in our own best interest. It is beyond their comprehension that we could recognize insults and choose not to be associated with that. Personally, I am conservative in a lot of areas. But I can also be honest and say that as far as history goes, Conservatism has been on the wrong side of it when it came to a lot of issues that directly impacted African Americans. I also can not overlook that historical truth. The truth is, I dislike seeing anyone use race like that, but I am more sensitive to recognizing when it is used in a particular manner against me.

  22. Robert Marie Says:

    goldenae, I just watched a special on showtime about what the republic party via the Reagan, Ollie North years. How much of what they will always remain. Arms sell in the middle East. Drugs brought into this country from South America for the contras and the public at large being arrested to promote a country of prison capitalization of our country.

    For all my life I’ll believe Reagan was the anti Christ spoken of. The questions directed to Christ and the answers. Men with hair of women. The long hair of the 60,s and 70;s gone to the gun ho! cowboy era and teeth like lions, the new U.S.A. military. The only alternative to prison life. He would come in peace and cause more death than all others. From one world order to all world destruction the words are there. There;s just to much to list here but some people know not what they do. Then the obvious being the number of his name. 666.

    Just thought I’d voice a personal opinion of an observation.

  23. vitiligo Says:

    seriously, this blog is mind-blowing . I think im gonna stick around and read about 6 more of your posts. Hope all is well

  24. Darwin Reiser Says:

    great post , really good view on the subject and very well written, this certainly has put a spin on my day, many thanks from the USA and sustain up the good work

    • goldenae Says:

      I think Jesse Jackson said that in about the worse way that it could possibly be said. The only reasons that this debate has racial elements is that minorities are going to get the worse of any bad system that is in place because we are typically on the lower end of the socio-economic ladder. Healthcare should not be about race, but because minorities tend to have higher rates of being uninsured, live shorter life spans, and be more subsceptible to health issues like hypertension, diabetes, etc. it is an issue. It really does not matter what Jesse Jackson has to say, conservatives are not listening. If conservatives silenced their blowhards like Rush Limbaugh, liberals would be more than happy to do the same with the likes of Jackson.

  25. Javier Saltzberg Says:

    Very efficiently written information. It will be beneficial to anybody who utilizes it, including myself. Keep doing what you are doing – can’r wait to read more posts.

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