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Rush…..Wide Right!!!!!

October 16, 2009

At this point, I am pretty sure that everyone has heard of Rush Limbaugh’s unsuccessful attempt to be part owner of an NFL team, the St. Louis Rams. I have my own personal feelings about whether objecting to him being an owner was right or not, but let’s apply Rush’s own beliefs and tactics to the situation. He along with other conservatives often proclaim that “life is not fair”; so no problem there, what happened is just life. A few months ago, Rush claimed he wanted President Obama to fail, then he came back and clarified saying that he wanted the President’s PLANS to fail. Well, it seems as if a lot of NFL fans, players and owners wanted Rush’s PLANS of being part owner of an NFL team to fail also. Even more recently, Rush announced on his show, with much pleasure , that Chicago was denied their bid for the Olympics. When you behave like that and seem to find pleasure in other people’s failure or when they come up short, the universe has a way of showing you what that is like. Rush just got a taste of what he wished on the United States, Chicago, and President Obama.

Anyone that has listened to Rush Limbaugh’s radio show knows that he is very opinionated and strives to influence his audience to think in particular ways. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but why wouldn’t he expect others to treat him in the same way? When he does a skit on President Obama or the “Justice Brothers (Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson) is he claiming that he is trying to make them look good or bad? Of course he is trying to make them look bad and discourage his audience from supporting anything these individuals do. How is that any different from what happened to him in the case of people opposing him for being part owner of an NFL team? The only difference I see is that Rush is on the receiving end of the smears and slander this time….if they are actually smears and slander. Any reasonable person that listens to Rush knows that he creates impressions of people or makes up things he wants his audience to believe about people he does not like. He attacks individuals and groups in a very aggressive way often only armed with his personal opinions of them. Also, he takes things that individuals have said or done and holds it against them and uses it to characterize them for eternity, which basically is the same thing that happened to him in this instance. How can he behave in one manner, but expect others to treat him in another manner? There is something very arrogant about that way of thinking. One of two things happened, Rush Limbaugh got exactly what he deserved OR he got a dose of his own medicine. However, Rush surely was not mistreated because people expressed displeasure wth him being part of a group to acquire the St. Louis Rams. Rush would have people believe that the decision was because of President Obama, the “liberal media” or because he is a conservative. The only reason this was a problem is because of Rush himself and his behavior over the years. He fails to admit that he has a right to say whatever he would like, but he does not have a right to everyone rewarding him for it. Just as he as an opinion about just about everyone, people can have an opinion of him as well. Where is that “personal responsibility” conservatives always talk about? Also, what does “Freedom of Speech” have to do with people supporting someone in owning a professional sports team. Let’s flip this thing and imagine what Rush Limbaugh would be saying if Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or President Obama wanted to own part of the Pittsburgh Steelers. We all know that he would blast the idea and try to get all of his listeners to do the same. And all of the people that claim what happened to Rush was unfair would not have a problem with Rush trying to deny someone else the very thing he wanted. That is a scary element that exist out there today. People create all sorts of different standards for themselves that they have for others.

Lastly, I would ask Rush’s African American friends like “Mr. Snerdley or “Hutch” if they actually know him so well and do not believe that the things that people interpret about him are  accurate, why don’t they ask him to behave differently? Until situations like this, Rush enjoys playing people against one another and he will use this incident to continue doing that. Instead of using this as an opportunity to self evaluate, I can guarantee you that he is going to use this incident to make his audience feel that what happenned is an attack on them. If Rush Limbaugh actually has African American “friends”, they should be friend enough to tell him that in a lot of instances what he says is wrong and divisive.

As this thing plays out, I just ask that people apply Rush’s own standards to it. “Life is not fair”, you are guaranteed free speech, but not guaranteed that people have to agree with or support you, etc. How many times have we heard conservatives say that only access should be guaranteed, not the outcome? Well, Rush got access, it is just that his attempt was …….Wide Right!!!!


Requirements of a Modern-day Conservative

August 6, 2009

I was sitting here pondering some of the things it would actually require of me to be a modern-day Conservative, so I decided to jot down a few of  them. There will definitely be more of these to come.

Requirements of a Modern-day Conservative

Historical Beliefs

  • First and foremost, I have to believe Ronald Wilson Reagan was the greatest President of all time despite his racially divisive nature, involvement in Iran-Contra and his in-office approval ratings being below those of President Bill Clinton’s.
  • I must claim to be impartial on issues of race despite the fact that Conservatives have opposed virtually every form of civil and voting rights for minorities in this nation’s history.
  • I must agree with but never acknowledge the existence of a “Southern Strategy” which is a plan rooted in pursuing whites that became disgruntled after the passage of the Voter’s and Civil Rights Acts of the 1960s.
  • I must never take a historical look at the Democratic and Republican Parties and recognize the shift of racist Southern Democrats, like the Dixiecrats, to the Republican Party that transpired during the 1960s and beyond.
  • I must profess to be Pro-life(excellent position) but oppose any act which would help a living soul in need once they are born.
  • I must proclaim Christian values(excellent position) but oppose programs that aim to help those Christians are mandated to help like the poor, elderly, incarcerated, disabled, etc. I must also downplay moral failings of other Conservatives while highlighting the failures of Democrats and Liberals.
  • Despite having elected only 1 African American Senator in 1967, Edward Brooke of Massachusetts and 3 African American Representatives, Oscar De Priest of Illinois in 1929, Gary Franks of Connecticut in 1991 and J.C. Watts of Oklahoma in 1995 compared to 2 African American Senators, Carol Moseley Braun in 1993, Barack Obama, 2005 of Illinois , nearly 90 African American Representatives and most recently the first African American President of the United States, I must claim that the Democratic Party attempts to hold minorities back. 4 nationally elected African Americans for the GOP and over 90 nationally elected African Americans and a President for the Democratic Party is pretty clear, isn’t it?

Modern Beliefs

  • I must convince myself that George W. Bush was articulate and conveyed his messages well while President Obama is really an idiot that can not speak without a teleprompter.
  • Despite ever claim being disproven, including weapons of mass destruction, I must remain convinced that Bush/Cheney were truthful about the reasons the United States invaded Iraq.
  • When it comes to matters of patriotism, I must rely on the judgement of individuals that literally got multiple deferments to avoid military service over Democratic veterans who actually served. Individuals such as Rush Limbaugh, and “super chicken-hawk” Dick Cheney who are big war advocates, but whom both sat it out when they had an opportunity to fight.
  • Despite the fact that the deadliest terrorist attacks occurred under Republican administrations, Marine barracks in Beirut under Reagan(299 Servicemen killed) and 9/11 under George W. Bush(2,974 deaths), I must buy into the notion that we are more safe during Conservative administrations.
  • To the best of my ability, I must convince myself that the United States’ history of racial problems and issues with minorities is pale in comparison to the threat of discrimination from minorities toward whites.
  • I must ignore the constant drumbeat from conservative talk radio host like Rush Limbaugh that fan racial animosity between whites and minorities. On top of that, I must pretend the mountain of recorded racist statements by said conservative talk radio host do not exist, are always taken out of context or are just jokes.
  • I must believe that former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin has a shot at being the next President of the United States. In order to get that far, I must never associate any answers she gives with the particular question that she was asked. Whatever she wants to say is always more important than the question that she was question she was asked anyway.
  • I must take my ques from radio talk show host who never venture beyond the confines of a supportive audience.  I must also expect my elected officials to be afraid to speak against positions held by the major talk-show hosts. In the event that they mistakenly speak out against them, I must require them to issue an apology within 24 hours.
  • I must believe that Obama is not a United States citizen despite him being born in Hawaii  which was announced in the local paper and for which a birth certificate is on file and whose mother was an American citizen.
  • I have to totally convince myself that Sean Hannity is telling the truth about things he talks about even when he leaves out all of the details that do not support his position.
  • It is absolutely imperative that I refer to President Obama as the “Messiah”  because Rush Limbaugh who claims to have the powers of a messiah,” All-Knowing, All-Sensing, All-Everything Maha Rushie” told me to.
  • Lastly, whatever is done or not done, I must take the opposite position to President Obama and the Congressional Democrats. Even when things are done that I previously agreed with, I must put up opposition at every turn.

The previous list consist of only a few requirements that an individual must submit to if he/she wants to be a good conservative. What are your thoughts? I guess I could never be a good conservative if these things remain as requirements or are expected of me.